The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage – Chapter One

For the opening of MetroCop and the fifth anniversary of my own comic making debut, I hereby present the first chapter of my new series, dubbed The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage. I actually started work on this a year ago, but went on a long hiatus until I decided to get back to it.

Please note that, due to the set size of the WordPress theme, the images are reduced to a width of 914 pixels, although they are, in reality, 1000 pixels wide, leading to slight blurring and loss of quality. To read each page at full size, simply click it and a tab or new window will open with the page in its original size.

Also, feel free to give your opinions on the comic in the comments and, above all, have fun!


    • I have no idea whether that is positive, negative or neither, old friend. I won’t force you to elaborate, but feel free to expand if you see fit.

      • I’m not entirely certain myself, whether or not it is positive and/or negative. Further issues, if suchlike should ever see the light of desklamp, might help building a proper opinion.

        • Then “further issues” it is. My free time lasts until mid-September, so I’ll try to exploit it to the fullest in order to come up with the second chapter.

    • Yeah, I figured the “CLICK” might be too much, but I was afraid it might not be clear that the gun was right to his head. It’s the safety going off, he’s being held at gun point.

    • Heh, fair enough criticism. The first issue was meant to highlight the consequences of Freeman’s actions. The second will veer into another direction and serve as a side-story to the game.

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