Comics Archive now available!

Hello there! You know how I first told you the blog was in its early stages and bound to have alterations or additions? Well, I just included something very important: the comics archive! This will be the place where all the comics hosted and published on MetroCop will be readily available in an organized fashion. That includes not only my own comics – of which The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage‘s first chapter has been posted -, but also comics from other authors that may want to host and share their creations here, or that I might find so good that I’ll ask for permission to include it in the archive. There’s already one such case available for immediate consumption, and it is…

That’s right! Apostasy, one of the primordial Garry’s Mod comics and, in my personal opinion, still one of the best, is available in its entirety at MetroCop. And before you wonder, I did ask BrashFink, its creator, permission to host them here, which he readily granted. Feel free to revisit the entire series here!

The first chapter of the Hercule Cubbage saga is also available there, though I haven’t created a page for the series as a whole yet. As I progress with work on the second chapter, I’ll add a hub for The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage for easier access. Until then, seeing as there’s only one chapter, clicking on the series’ logo will redirect you to the beginning.

Also, while I’ll only upload comics whose authors grant me consent to, that doesn’t mean I won’t be highlighting other great comics that I might come across, although those won’t be added to the archive. Those posts, which will be found in the “Garry’s Mod Comics” post category, will have my personal opinion on the comics as well as links to where they are readily available. If you want your comic to be publicized here, feel free to comment with a link to it and I’ll take a look at it, although I can’t promise that I’ll post every single one.

That’s it for now, but feel free to reread Apostasy, read The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage if you haven’t and, of course, subscribe to the blog if you’d like to!

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