Scream Fortress 2012: Enter… ZOMBIES!

I maaaaay be a little late in telling you this, but Team Fortress 2 has been updated for the annual Hallowe’en event. The fourth Scream Fortress features Merasmus, the Soldier’s ex-roommate and actual sworn nemesis, and a new Mann vs. Machine event featuring Mann vs. not-so-shambling, robotic-sounding reanimated corpses. Zombies!

As an aside: a few years back, I had a few good ideas for a TF2 zombie comic. Not the most original thing in the world (although, to my knowledge, nobody had done such a comic back then), but I was really into it, only I couldn’t really pose the characters decently nor did I have the patience to do all the reskinning. With the Source Filmmaker tool and these new models, however, I might actually be able to do something someday. No promises, though.

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