Half-Life 2: Game of the Decade

Half-Life 2: Game of the Decade

Last night, the Video Game Awards 2012, celebrating its tenth year anniversary, selected Valve’s groundbreaking Half-Life 2 as their Game of the Decade. And, frankly, why wouldn’t it be the Game of the Decade?

While I do have fond memories of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Portal certainly was as much of a game changer, I always supported this choice. In a genre that was already oversaturated back then, Half-Life 2 perfected first person shooting, created an incredibly rich and immersive world populated by memorable characters, explored brand new grounds with the Source engine’s capabilities and was a fantastic experience that is arguably still peerless nowadays. I wouldn’t still be doing fan-fiction of the game if it weren’t my game of the decade.

I offer my congratulations to Valve for this achievement. It’s just too bad that they missed this chance to say something of Half-Life 3… ah, well. I’ll just go replay Half-Life 2 for the millionth time.


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