15 Minutes of Online Fame

So, uh, wow. Where do I start?

I guess, first of all, I should shamelessly self-promote. If you just came in and liked The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage, I’d like to suggest you scroll down the page and subscribe in the bottom-right option, or follow me on Twitter (although I tend to blabber there), or subscribe by RSS if you’d like updates on the next chapters. If you don’t, that’s completely fine, I just thought I might as well let people know and get that out of the way. Now, onto the actual news.

So, Kotaku, my favorite gaming news site – and I’m not just saying that because of what follows, I’ve been a member there for a good while and it’s a great place – actually posted about Hercule Cubbage, mostly because I shamelessly self-promoted and sent them a tweet with the link. To be fair, I never did believe they’d pick it up, but they did! My heart skipped a beat, honestly. I had this imaginary dream list of impossibilites I’d like the series to achieve… and two of them have already been fulfilled. Namely, having Chris Livingston (author of Concerned) read it and like it, and having Kotaku post about it. Plus, I actually got some valuable constructive criticism there – I’ve been a little experimental with my layouts and it seems it makes it difficult to follow the action, so that’s something to correct in the next chapters. Also, last but definitely not least, I made Luke Plunkett read it out loud in a “chirpy British accent” – I know who to get for an audiobook!
(Also, just for curiosity’s sake, my dream list also includes a Combine OverWiki article for the series and, of course, Valve actually reading the comic. Yeah, I know, I better be ready for a wait longer than Half-Life 3‘s.)
Another site that posted about the comic was a Sweden place called Feber, which was really nice. I really liked how they directed it towards the people “starvished for more Half-Life that will consume anything” – I make junk food, weee! Haha, no, just kidding, it was really great. Thank you so much!

And because I’m not a complete idiot, I would like to extend a very special thank you to a certain Mister ErikKiller, who was invaluable in getting Hercule Cubbage Chapter Two out and who’s helping a lot for subsequent issues, as well. He’s the greatest mapper I know and, if Valve happens to actually read this someday, he deserves a job.

Anyhow, I realize it’s still only my little comic and this is, as the title indicates, my fifteen minutes of fame, so my ego isn’t bloating or anything. However, I do intend to make the wait between chapters a much shorter affair, seeing as it took a whooping seven months to get the second one out. I’ll try to make them bimonthly, at least – no promises, but I’ll try. And, of course, it’ll remain completely free – while I would like to be “herculecubbage.com” and afford a better site alongside the domain, I’m not gonna demand donations from anyone. It’s free, it’s for fun and I hope you enjoy it!

Again, thank you all so much for the kind words, public exposure (… wait, that sounds wrong) and all the support. I hope you’ll keep enjoying the series! Stay tuned for updates, including behind-the-scenes posts and more!

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