When Everything Changed

I’m sorry, it’s going to be a somewhat short and to-the-point post, because it’s 3AM and I am gonna become a child’s godfather in twelve hours, but this cannot wait to be posted. Really.

I frankly don’t know if the account is real, could be a fan wanting attention for all I know, but Marc Laidlaw’s Twitter account (Marc Laidlaw being, of course, the writer of the Half-Life games, thus the biggest authority when it comes to the series’ story) took the time to read The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage – when I sent the link, of course, it’s not like they’re hunting Half-Life fan-fiction down (I think) – and responded with “Love Hercule!“, and also the highly amusing fact that a son of Odessa Cubbage was actually planned at one point, named Cody – which may very well become Hercule’s middle name. I mean, come on, it’s coming from the writer of the games, it’s got to happen!

I can’t really put in words how monumental this is. I mean, first, Chris Livingston said he loved Hercule, then I got a one-day boost in views (that, naturally, I didn’t know how to deal with properly) thanks to a Kotaku post, now Marc Laidlaw himself said he loves it! For them, it’s obviously not a big deal – just another comic, one they happen to like – but for me, it’s insane. I’ve been doing comics for over five years and I’d already settled with knowing they’d really go nowhere. I don’t do this for the glory (if I did, my real name would be plastered everywhere), I do it for the love of comic making and, these days, for the fondness I’ve developed for Hercule himself, which is why it’s amazing to see him get recognition. It’s all in the protagonist in this very particular case – I admit he’s no Gordon Frohman, but the son of Colonel Cubbage deserved to exist, by someone’s hands if not by Valve’s. I’m glad it fell to me, but it was a stroke of luck – Hercule is the real victor here, he’s what made it all happen. And his saga will continue!

Also, by the Cubbages’ glorious mustaches, Twitter is my favorite social media of all time. I swear, I send these tweets thinking nothing will happen and people actually notice them and give me all these great surprises. It’s insane, the Internet is insane and I bloody love it.

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