Comics cooperation with Waxx and okimin

Clearly sleep deprivation had an effect on me last night, considering the drama of my last post. Truth be told, everything’s still the same and that’s good, I can just focus on making my comic as usual.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you guys a little update. I’ve been talking to the creators of The Banner, Waxx and okimin, and they were very interested in having the comic featured on Metrocop, which I was very glad to learn. So, you can now find a link to the comic on both the main page and the menu, plus I’ll keep you posted whenever there’s a new issue out. I still have to organize the site somewhat and add at least one of my old comics to the archive, so The Banner‘s position might switch around, but they’ll have a link here as long as they want to be a part of the place.

I have some other stuff I’d like to tell you, but, to be honest, I’m completely exhausted today, so I’m afraid it’ll have to wait. Again, thanks to everyone who’s supported me so far, I hope I can repay you with content worthy of your time!


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