Dot Net is where we’re at

I am now King of my Domain! Vassals, ye shall thenceforward refer to me as King Mythos I, the Deplorable!

Ahem… so, hey, how’s it going?
As you may have noticed by now (and, if you haven’t, check the address bar and read the URL, so we’re all at the same page, literally), I found out domains weren’t as insanely expensive as I had led myself to believe – and, as it turned out, was available! Don’t even bother trying to click that link, because that’s exactly where you are! I bought that domain, right after I got the money from selling one of my kidneys. Which I shouldn’t joke about because I’m a kidney-hogger and some people really need one, but, hey, dot net! We is fancy now!

Anyhow, that’s not the only change around here. As previously mentioned, we’re now kindly redirecting folks, with just a click of the left mouse button, to our good friends at Mine-Dog, so people can read The Banner and realize how awesome it is. There’s also a fancy Contact page so you can tell me directly how much you hate me, and the Blog section actually looks like a blog now, with a sidebar full of neat stuff to look at and interact with. Also, last but not least, the random visitor who has no idea how to subscribe to the news by e-mail can find a simple button at the main page to do exactly so. You might be left wondering where the actual content is, but worry not your pretty little heads, it will come.

So, whether you are here to stay or passing through on your way to parts unknown… welcome to It’s safer here.


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