A.C.E.R., an amazing comic by Dactrius

In the current age, it’s not often you see a new comic get released. It’s even rarer for that comic to be, well, really good. So I’d say the odds of a new comic maker having a debut so excellent it makes me feel like a newbie are worse than winning the lottery, but it turns out, it happened.

Dactrius of Facepunch (and also a well-regarded RPG creator in other communities) has released his first comic, a really amazing pilot episode for his series A.C.E.R.. You seriously need to read this:

If you have a Facepunch account, be sure to leave a reply there with your opinion – it’s the best way to support the comic.

EDIT: So, apparently, you now have to register on Facepunch to see threads, which is silly and not to my taste. I’ll go and shake my elder cane in annoyance towards the new kid on the block for his limited choice of medium, but at least he’s kind enough to have the whole comic on DeviantART. Feel free to read it, or even re-read it, there.


  1. Only just got round to reading this (shameful, I know)… To say I’m impressed would be an understatement! As a number of the comments on FP said, it wouldn’t have been out of place on the front page of PHW at its peak. Really enjoyed reading it.

    Any chance you could get him to join PoB so we can see when his next one comes out? 😉

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