GMod’s End: The Mingebag Apocalypse

Well, you know what they say: a comic surprise never comes alone (“they” don’t really say that). Last night saw the release of another comic over at Facepunch – GMod’s End, a post-apocalyptical tale. This comic is reminiscent of the old “personal skin” comics I’ve mentioned once or twice, focusing on the meta-story of a Garry’s Mod roleplayer in a server overrun by zombie-like “mingebags” – the GMod name for new, inexperienced players, which was a big trope back in the old days I’ve recently discussed.
The comic has an interesting technique of storytelling: the forum quote tags are used as narration boxes instead of including them in the comic itself. I’m not sold on the method, but it’s a trick I don’t recall ever seeing, so it’s original. However, as you can imagine, it also sort of limits the comic to Facepunch, so you’ll have to read it there. The “comic” side of things also needs some work, particularly the speech bubbles, but overall it’s worth checking out.

If you’d like to read it, click the following image:

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