Combination Episode 1

Another brand new comic coming by way of Facepunch. This time it’s a brand-new humor series inspired by Happydevil & co.’s Of Combine and Men. It’s called Combination, from author Edyrem (a.k.a. CrzyMLC), and you can read it by clicking the following image:

Combination Episode 1
You may also want to check the Facepunch thread if you’re a member and leave a reply to show your appreciation of the comic. It’s a very short and straightforward gag, but it’s nice enough for a good start, although I don’t really like those metrocop models for some reason. Call it the Uncanny Metrocop Valley, but there’s something strange about them, they feel a bit off to me – and I know my metrocops, as you can guess from the site name. Still, that’s pretty much nitpicking – I like the idea of distinguishing them by the lenses, at least.

I have to admit to also feeling some sly pleasure out of the whole thing. I made a post about Happydevil’s comics and talked about it on Facepunch, which led to people re-reading them, which, in turn, led to this new series inspired by Of Combine and Men. I feel like I had some slight, indirect influence in the creation of a new comic series, which is fun.

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