Hercule Cubbage returns! Chapter Three is OUT!

Yeah, it only took five months, during which everyone has had time to forget all about the comic’s existence. It’s okay, if I did it for the glory I would’ve quit five years ago.
Anyhow, the third chapter of The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage – the son of Colonel Odessa Cubbage, if you don’t recall – is finally being released! It’s taken quite some time, but I feel that it may be my best comic yet. I’ll let it up to you guys to decide that.
Just click the cover to be redirected to the comic’s page:

The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage Chapter 3 Cover

I recommend, however, that you read, or re-read, the first two chapters, as otherwise you’ll have little understanding of what’s going on. You’d probably do well to (re)play Half-Life 2 as well, because the guest appearance in this chapter is extremely tied into the game’s plot. I hope you’ll find that it makes perfect sense in the context of the comic!
Also, I’d be remiss not to extend a very heartelf “thank you” to my good friend Erik-Silver “ErikKiller” Toomere, who was responsible for making the maps seen in the comic and also managed to put in a sentient APC that was very useful for the action setpieces. So, thanks, Erik!

I actually considered saving this for the sixth-year anniversary of my Garry’s Mod comic début, way back in September 1st, 2007, but I’d rather just release it right now and read the reactions this week. Besides, it’s also the anniversary of someone very, very special in my life, and no comic release can compare to the importance of that date, so you get it a little earlier. Consider this an early celebration of the 1-year anniversary of Hercule Cubbage, also on September 1st, and of the beginning of Metrocop, which started on August 31st of last year. It’s a very important week in Mythos comic history!

I do hope you’ll enjoy the chapter and look forward to the next one – although, naturally, that’s also bound to take quite a while to come out. In the meantime, I’ll be doing a lot of updates to the site: I’ve been working on updating the Hercule Cubbage section with a short summary of the Half-Life story, character descriptions for the comic and updating the actual chapter pages to make them easier to navigate. The next few weeks will be insane for me, but I may just get it done earlier rather than later.

So yeah, I think that’s enough bullshit text. Just enjoy the comic and drop a line telling me if you liked it! Cheers!


  1. Woohoo! I was just thinking ysterday how it’s all seemed quiet on here, and hey presto you come out with this! Awesome stuff!

    • Yeah, it’s been awfully slow around here and I take the blame for that, but real-life commitments usually stagnate my progress. But at least I managed to finish the comic!

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