LambdaGeneration Returns

The new look of LambdaGeneration
The new look of LambdaGeneration

After a long time in the making, the 2.0 version of the long-running Half-Life fansite LambdaGeneration has finally been unveiled to the public – after a somewhat amusing “Valve time” incident where it took them almost a week to open it after their countdown clock reached 0. Well, it wouldn’t be about Valve otherwise, would it?

Anyway, I’ll let you guys move on to that and see what’s shakin’. Gotta admit it looks really good, especially the main page. I suppose they won’t have much to publish about for now, what with the lack of news regarding anything with a lambda on it – but hey, that “Advertisements” section in the bottom right corner of the page is extremely amusing!

As for me, Metrocop and my stuff… nothing to see here, move along.


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