New Worse than Life Episode

So hey, funny thing today. Earlier I was messing around with the site a little and came across that special Worse than Life comeback again, so I was like “whatever happened to that?”. So I sent AJ Rimmer an e-mail just casually asking if he was still working on those, and it turns out he had been, but stuff got in the way and he also didn’t have Photoshop anymore to edit it. Seeing as I enjoy editing and had nothing better to do except a 2500-word report, part of a group project report, a five-question essay and a five-page note all for next week, I volunteered to help if he would like me to.

Flash-forward a few hours later and all of a sudden we’re both sitting on a brand-new Worse than Life, brilliantly written and posed by our friend AJ Rimmer. We both hope you’ll enjoy it and I personally hope I can collaborate with him like this again in the future – I love doing The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage all by my own (with good mapping help from my friend Erik, of course!), but it takes a lot of time and effort, whereas this was just the fun of editing a comic together, always one of my favorite parts.

Anyhow, enough blah-blah-blah from me, have some of AJ Rimmer’s excellent sardonic humour for a change:

 WTL: Lessons Learned

Also, I hope to add a page specifically for Worse than Life once I have the time to actually alter Metrocop a little bit. For now, this wonky method will have to do. Sorry, guys!

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