Scrapped comic: MAD GMEN (2010/2011)

Sometimes even I forget, but I’ve been at this comic making “business” (so to speak) for over 6 years. The published byproducts of all that time have been few and far between, but the truth is, I meddled with a lot of ideas over the years, some of which even I happened to forget afterwards.
What I’m about to show you is one of those cases, which I just accidentally found in my hard drive’s files after forgetting about it for years. It’s one of the projects of the defunct EFM(Online), the proto-Metrocop that went nowhere, and dates back to December 2010-February 2011. It’s also by far one of the most stylish and beautiful covers I’ve ever done (although ripping off something else, as you may notice):

Mad GMen Cover
Click for full resolution (1000x1414px)

This was just an embryonic idea that randomly popped into my head (“what if I took the title Mad Men but used the G-Man instead?”), which I then started developing into something of its own. Eventually, the concept became a simple plot of reinterpreting the Mad Men concept – ’60s ad company and its connections to the zeitgeist – into something GMod comics-related. Namely, I would have followed a fictional comic making group back in the early PHW era (meaning 2004-2006), and it would be a subtle parody where every character took it super-seriously to make good comics, with some fun references to actual existing comics of those years.
In terms of actual plotting, though, I had nothing. I started watching Mad Men for the sole purpose of taking inspiration from it for this, but, I’m not gonna lie, I burned out pretty quickly. I did get around to making two (out of a planned three) panels for the intro page of the comic, which, frankly, I now think looks awesome:

Click to expand
Click for full resolution

For those of you who’ve never seen at least the first 37 seconds of a Mad Men episode, here’s the show’s intro for reference. Instead of advertising shots in the buildings, I instead went with old shots from my first comics. I don’t know, nowadays I think it turned out excellent.

I don’t think I’ll ever pick this idea up again – I’m settled on focusing the little patience I have for this hobby on Hercule Cubbage -, but man, would it be appropriate nowadays; seeing as almost nobody is interested in making comics anymore, having a series specifically about making comics might do some good, not to mention tap into the nostalgia a lot of us feel for those old times. Well, if anyone’s out there and is interested in trying their hands at your own Mad GMen comic, feel free to send me some pitches to how you’d do this comic idea and maybe I’ll give you the green light – I would even finish, or redo, the intro for you, because that’s just fun to make.

Now, I’m not expecting anyone to bother with bringing a nearly three-years-old idea of mine to life, but, if you want to for some reason, then bring your A-game. I don’t want to be heavily involved in it, though, unless I find your proposals interesting enough to get me editing it, but that’s about it.

Anyway, this is but one of many, many ideas I’ve scrapped over the years, and I’m sure I have some content lost amidst my files, so perhaps I’ll start posting some old, unused ideas just for your viewing pleasure. Don’t think any will spring back to life, but hey, better to see some dead, unfinished comics than no comics at all, right? Though I promise, you will see some finished content in the future… Hercule Cubbage is far from done!

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