“Scrapped comic”: Innocence

Hi, guys. I continue to post info about the many scrapped ideas and comics I’ve had over the years, because, frankly, that’s the biggest amount of content I have, heh. One of these days I’ll get into the most complex ones, especially when I get my hands on my backup hard drive where most oldies are stored, but today I just want to show something very simple. It’s not even a scrapped comic per se because it was never even made, it was just planned and never went ahead. But it may be interesting because of when it was thought of.

This handful of paragraphs was stored in a Word document in my files and dates to May 1st, 2007 – meaning it’s older than even my first comic release, which was published on September 1st. In fact, this was actually meant to be my first comic, but I ended up going for the more humorous “what-if” instead of this darker, more sober short comic. I wonder how much different the reaction would’ve been…
So, yeah, here’s the short few sentences I wrote about a comic called Innocence, way back when I was readying up to enter the GMod comics scene:


A short comic detailing a day in the life of a female Civil Protection in City 17.

During her patrol, she, along with her partner, has to beat a woman, for reasons unknown in the story. After her patrol ends, her partner has a vivid conversation with her, but she remains quiet the majority of time – remembering the kneeled woman’s desperate face as she strikes her down. After quickly assuring her colleague everything is alright, she goes back home.

Alone at home, she sits in her couch, drinking a mug of water. She drops the mug and holds her head, assuring herself that, by the next day, she will have forgotten it.


The main and original inspiration was the female Civil Protection created by member YellowLake of the PHW forums. The plot was fruit of imagination.

There is, however, a message in the story, reflected by the title of the story – Innocence. The comic is supposed to reflect the destruction of purity and innocence, which have since long ago been represented by beautiful and young woman, caused by an oppressive, dystopian society. Forced to attack a fellow citizen, the CP woman has to face her feelings of guilt and regret, alone.

The two Civil Protection units, the woman and the man, when patrolling and with their masks on, won’t speak – to symbolize the lack of humanity of the Combine, also reflected by the faceless personas. Also, as a small reference to an often overlooked detail in Half-Life 2, the setting of the story, the woman drinks the water while convincing herself that, by the next day, she would have forgotten her sin – referring to the character in the beginning of the game who tells the player not to drink the water, as “they put something in it to make you forget”, thus explaining why she tries to convince herself that way.

So, what do you think? This is a very simple comic to pull off, so perhaps one day I’ll take an afternoon and bring it to life – I did manage to retrieve the female CP officer from the nether of the Internet a year ago, so it’s doable!

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  1. I think there is a female CP in the stantard spwanlist now. I like serious comics, not so often they get made. It is hader though.

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