PRESS RELEASE: Male 07 Cast in The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage

The prolific machinima actor Male 07, best-known for his roles in Concerned and Apostasy, will debut in the fourth chapter of the ongoing Half-Life 2-based comic The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage as Colm, a member of the Resistance with ties to Hercule Cubbage’s past. Male 07 has reportedly not yet started filming his scenes for the upcoming 20-page comic issue.

Male 07 as ‘Gordon Frohman’ in Christopher Livingston’s Concerned.

Originally just another nameless extra in the award-winning video game Half-Life 2, Male 07 became famous for his roles as ‘Gordon Frohman’ in the extremely popular webcomic Concerned: The Life and Death of Gordon Frohman, by PC Gamer author Christopher Livingston, as well as ‘Markis Meriwhether’ in the classic graphic novel Apostasy, written by James “BrashFink” Brandt. Soon after, Male 07 became an Internet-recognized icon and starred in a variety of comics and machinima, becoming the unofficial face of both Garry’s Mod and the Half-Life fan community.

Talking to Metrocop about this role in The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage, Male 07 said “After a long time of being typecast as the lead role in many productions, many of varying quality, it’s refreshing to just be a secondary character for once.” Pressed on for details about this enigmatic character, Male 07 declined to give too many details, but explained that “Colm is not too different from some of the roles I played in the past, but intentionally so. I think the nature of his appearance may confuse and even surprise some people.” As to whether Colm will be a recurring character or only a guest star in the newest chapter, Male 07 smiled and ambiguously replied “We’ll see. Like I said, it may surprise people.”

The next chapter of The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage will officially be released in The Future, with a tentative release date of early 2014. The previous chapters are available for online reading here at Metrocop, as well as in forum threads at the Facepunch message boards.


  1. For anyone who may not get it: it’s a joke. Mainly based on Male 07 being so overused that he’s practically a celebrity, and I’ve been avoiding him in TAoHC, but I have a good use for a face people recognize.

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