Running on Empty, by Popwarbunny

I was almost tempted to call this a “Blast from the Past“, because this is a classic that goes way back, but had to refrain since, unlike most classic GMod comic series, this one is actually still ongoing! Popwarbunny, a.k.a. Elijah, just posted a new installment of this series over at his website BreakSet, so I figured it was a good time to rave about it a bit to those unfamiliar.

Running on Empty is the story of the self-inserted protagonist, Elijah, in the Half-Life 2 universe. An independent rebel of sorts, Elijah begins the series just living by on his own, having nothing to do with the fight against the Combine, but events soon spiral out of his control and he finds himself shoved into the resistance movement. At the same time, Dr. Freeman arrives in City 17, his actions having indirect consequences in the lives of Elijah and his newfound ally Savannah. The series has a very unique tone, neither outright humorous nor completely grim – it just doesn’t take itself too seriously most of the time, but it does tell an engaging tale in the process.

Until fairly recently, as far as I was aware, BreakSet and consequently RoE were down, but not only are they back, there’s also some new episodes since the last time I’d seen it, a few years ago. Also of particular interest is that this iteration of RoE isn’t even the first, if memory serves – it started as a remake of a previous version of RoE that also had a prequel set in Ravenholm, something mentioned but never seen in Episode One of the current series. So, basically, it’s got a very long history behind it, and the fact that there are still new issues coming out nowadays is pretty amazing. At this rate, Running on Empty might become one of the rare few completed GMod comic series.

You can read Running on Empty over at BreakSet, with Episode Eight having just been released and the next one hopefully coming soon!


  1. Good to see this back again – last time I checked Breakset, it was all closed down so I assumed Popwar had packed up and left the internets…

  2. Wow I had no idea O_O Thanks for the info!

    I seem to remember the old series had an ending, so I’m wondering if this is a continuation of the remake, either way that is awesome. I’m gonna check his site out.

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