It’s finally here! Chapter Four of The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage!

Admittedly, it has been a long while since the previous chapter – Chapter Three was released in late August 2013, making it a little over eight months of waiting. It was due to unfortunate circumstances regarding the computer of my friend Erik, who’s done all the custom mapping so far for the series – his old one could no longer compile maps properly and the one I needed for this particular chapter was too difficult to compile, so we’ve had to wait until an opportunity came along to do it properly. Finally, yesterday he finally managed to get it done and I finished the necessary panels! Thanks again for helping me out, Erik!

Anyway, enough blabber. While I don’t expect to have fans devoted enough to have waited all that time with enthusiasm, I do hope you’ll still read this and enjoy!

The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage Chapter 4 Cover

You can also find the previous chapters here; I do recommend re-reading through them, as otherwise it may be hard to understand at first. However, I’d say this is the best jumping-on point for the series so far, as it’s mostly a flashback issue, so feel free to start reading this chapter first if you’re new to the series!

Also, I’m having a final exam next week so, until then, I won’t be doing any proper content, but I intend to do some sort of commentary on the comic to explain some stuff. I’m also working veeeeery slowly on improving the site overall, but that might take time!

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed the comic, please leave a comment, please spread the word, and thank you very much for reading!

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