Hercule Cubbage Promo Pic

Hey there! I decided to create an image I had in my head for a while. It was actually something I thought of that could work as a cover for chapter 4 of The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage, but I had two problems with that: first, it immediately reveals the flashback look of Hercule Cubbage, which, granted, was pretty much identical to the regular Hercule, but I wanted to keep it secret as a tease; second, it heavily implies something from later in the chapter, which would be extremely spoilery. And besides, I’m actually rather fond of the final cover, I feel like it has a great “calm before the storm” feeling to it, and it was quite distinct from the previous ones, being a panorama shot rather than focusing on the protagonist.

In any case, I actually thought it could work as an alternate cover of sorts to the chapter and I still wanted to make it, so I took 20 minutes of my evening to bring it to life. It’s not the most mind-blowing thing in the world, but I kinda like it. I call it “Blood on his Hands” – take a look:

Click for high-res version
Click for high-res version

You can see how it could look as a cover after the jump, alongside a few more words about upcoming stuff.

Click for high-res version
Click for high-res version

Don’t worry, though, I didn’t spend time on this in detriment of the next chapter. I actually started posing that yesterday! I’ll be honest, I’m still not sure whether it’ll be the regular size, 20 pages, or more than that. I need to write it down and plan ahead; I’ve stuck to my limit so far, but this one is quite eventful (and for good reason), so I don’t mind taking a few extra pages to do so. And I’m sure nobody else would, either!

Also, last weekend I wrote about half of a sort of commentary, behind-the-scenes look at chapter 4. I might continue that soon and post it up, though I’m not sure if it’s interesting enough. We’ll see. In any case, please stay posted for future news, updates and, of course, comics!


  1. Please update the progress bar regularly so that I may better prepare for the next TAoHC.

    • Sure, I will! I haven’t done much yet due to lack of time, I have a page possibly done but I may redo it completely, so I’ll say it’s still at 0% for now.

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