Jeff, Resurrected!

Hi, guys! I’m writing this from a bus, so you’ll have to forgive the brevity (and possible typos). It’s just a quick update about something really cool which you may have guessed from the rather obvious title.

I was in touch with Clover, one of the greatest GMod comic makers of all time, not so long ago and, through sheer random luck, he managed to retrieve a lot of comics from his long-thought-dead backup! He’s made a thread about it on Facepunch where you can find more details at the moment.

Anyone who remembers Jeff doesn’t need me to tell them how fantastic this news is. Coupled with stuff I’ve been working on for the site, Metrocop is gonna get a huge boost in content soon! I’m talking over 100 classic comics, all easily available in one place.

Stay tuned, guys. It’s gonna be awesome!

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