Announcing the Nostalgia Update!

The Nostalgia Update

(Yes, I ripped off Team Fortress 2. Shut up.)

The Nostalgia Update is basically a fancy way of presenting the one thing I’ve been promising for Metrocop for ages: the comic archive! This isn’t an ordinary collection of just my old crap, though, oh no – this gets a fancy name and announcement because the Nostalgia Update will bring a whooping 246 comics online for public consumption! That’s right – over two hundred comics, all in one place! That’s a massive collection of Garry’s Mod comics and only slightly less in numbers than your individual porn stashes!
None of those comics are brand new releases, however; they’re all comics from way back, from as early as 2005 to as late as 2011, hence the “Nostalgia” part of the name. Still, I’m fairly sure a lot of them will be new to most people, and it’s great to finally have a big archive of GMod comics back online after so many years.

That said, 246 individual comics is a lot of stuff, so here’s what I’m gonna do: rather than just overwhelm people by posting everything straight away, throughout the next week I’ll be posting a part of the archive online every day, from Monday to Friday, and then officially unveil the archive page itself on Friday alongside the final release. That means one release a day the whole of next week, beginning October 20th, 2014 and ending October 24th, 2014! That gives every comic a chance to shine and gives you a good reason to at least keep coming here for a bit. The daily releases will be at 8AM GMT – that’s proper time, not Valve time!
Still, it’s not like I’m gonna release 49.2 comics every day. Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be the largest releases with large numbers of comics (Monday being the biggest); Tuesday and Thursday will be smaller-scale releases. And no, I’m not gonna announce what I’m releasing – every day will be a surprise! (Although savvy people that pay attention to the GMod comics scene will probably guess what’s the huge release on Monday)

Alongside the main event there are also some minor additions to the site itself. The first one is actually already here – the brand new Metrocop logo! It’s shiny, glossy and a wee bit more comic book-y than the previous minimalist one. I hope you like it! Alongside that there’ll also be changes to the menu at the top of the site, streamlined for your convenience. The site will basically be more appealing, easier to navigate and have more archived content for you to browse – an improved, a site that the Garry’s Mod comics community deserves!

Alright, that’s pretty much it for now, I’m afraid – I would apologize for leaving you hanging during the weekend, but hey, that’s part of the fun, right? Let the anticipation grow, because starting on Monday, old GMod comics get a new lease in life! And who knows, perhaps those will inspire people to make some new ones! If you wanna stay up to date and receive an e-mail the moment those new comics pop up, please consider subscribing.

That’s that, see ya very soon!

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