The Nostalgia Update: Day 1

The Nostalgia Update

Hey, guys! This is it – as promised, Day 1 of the Nostalgia Update! Starting off five days of comic re-releases for the brand-new Metrocop Comic Archive, to be fully unveiled this coming Friday, October 24th, 2014!

I’m afraid Day 1 isn’t much of a surprise though. If I had my way, this would’ve been the biggest secret of the update, taking everyone by surprise. It was “leaked” months ago, though, by none other than… the author himself!

Alright, I’ll just say it outright before the more patient of you lot scroll down as well – today’s Clover Day! Featuring Jeff, Secret Agent Whiskey and a few other comics by Jeff “Clover” Eastman! That’s 127 comics in total, a little over half of the new Comics Archive!

Even if they’re not exactly as huge a surprise as I hoped, I think it’s still great for one of the quintessential Garry’s Mod classics to come back online, after so many years lost. I’m particularly excited for people who’ve never seen these to read them for the first time – in a way, I envy you!

Okay, I have a couple more things to say, but let’s cut the chase here – you’re here for comics, so here they are! Click the banner to be directed to the respective page (and get a first look at the appearance of the new comic pages):

Jeff BannerSecret Agent WhiskeyClover's Other Comics

(Oh, and, just to clarify because you’ll see their logo a bunch of times in these, I’m in no way officially affiliated with the now defunct PHWOnline. That logo was already “watermarked” in these, and I would keep it anyway out of respect)

Just because this is the largest release of the week doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come back, though! Tomorrow has a few more releases in store – a lot less, I’m afraid, but they’re a bit more personal to me in particular. I hope you’ll check back tomorrow at the same time for Day 2, and keep your eyes peeled for the big releases in the following days! If you wanna make sure you’re always up to date, please consider subscribing to Metrocop.

And, of course, enjoy!

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