The Nostalgia Update: Day 2

The Nostalgia Update

Hi! In case you missed it, here’s Day 1 of the Nostalgia Update, where I officially (re-)released Jeff, Secret Agent Whiskey and other classic comics by Clover here on Metrocop!

In comparison, today’s a much smaller update, but a bit more personal to me, too. Whereas yesterday there were over 100 comics, today only has a meager 12, hardly a worthy follow-up and, in fact, the smaller number of comics released throughout the week. Some of the occasional Metrocop visitors may be more familiar with their author, though, because you’re reading his words.

That’s right – today I’m re-releasing my own comics of the past! They’re not exactly my pride and joy – I reserve that right for Hercule Cubbage – and there’s very few of them to begin with, but it’s still the first time many of them are available publicly online since 2010. I’m still particularly happy with my “Debut Trinity”, the three comics I released in my ‘freshman’ year of 2007 – What if the Combine Administrator was a Feminist? (mouthful of a title), Not Another Mingebag Comic and It’s an Odd Job!. Hopefully you’ll find them fun and today won’t be a complete waste (sorry to lower your expectations)!

Mythos' Old Comics Banner

I’ll be completely honest – my stuff wasn’t even gonna be a part of this update to begin with, because I wasn’t completely sold on making my own oldies a part of it. Still, at the very last minute, I decided to include them just because, seeing as there may be some good stuff in there, and I was the one behind the whole Update and Comics Archive things anyway. That said, I still wanted to get my own stuff out of the way early on during the week, to reserve space for better stuff as the week rolls!

In any case, whether people like my old comics or not, I’d say today is still unarguably the worst day of the Nostalgia Update – if nothing else, because everything else is so good! Tomorrow brings another major release with 42 comics! And they’re all part of a single storyline! Keep your eyes peeled, it’s a good one! Remember, if you wanna receive an e-mail the moment the new comics are out, all you have to do is subscribe to Metrocop!

Until then, I hope you’ll enjoy these! Talk to ya tomorrow!

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