The Nostalgia Update: Day 4

The Nostalgia Update

Hi, good to see you! Welcome to Day 4 of The Nostalgia Update, where I bring back Garry’s Mod comics from the old days in one Comic Archive, exclusively at! Day 1 had Clover’s classic comics re-released, Day 2 brought back my own old comics, Day 3 resurrected an old conflict known as the PoB/CR-O War, and now we’re up to Day 4 of our five-day nostalgia extravaganza!

As with Day 2, today is a small release, with only 17 comics overall, but they are the creative work of someone I feel was a very underrated Garry’s Mod comic maker, with a very distinct grasp on dry humor and an excellent ability to make comics that are both action-packed and hilarious.

Therefore, Day 4 is all about… FZE! In case you’re unfamiliar, FZE was a comic maker who started way back in 2005 and stayed active until as late as 2011. If you paid attention to yesterday’s release, you’ll probably have already read some of his work, as he contributed a few comics to the PoB/CR-O War. Unfortunately, many of his comics are currently lost. These are the ones that have made the Nostalgia Update:

FZE and Mythos' Badass Adventuresfa-bannerPokémon Burgundy VersionFZE's Single Comics

Of course, if he ever finds more of his old comics, I’ll gladly upload them for your viewing pleasure! As you’ll see when you read (or re-read) these, his work was really unique and excellent overall.

That makes 4 out of 5 days in the Nostalgia Update! Tomorrow is the final day, where not only do I release another classic series (which Metrocop visitors may already be familiar with), but I finally make the Comic Archive page official. I hope you’ll look forward to it… but in the meantime, enjoy FZE’s comics!

Oh, and remember, if you wanna be up to date at all times on Metrocop’s new posts, you can subscribe! For now, see ya tomorrow!

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