Halloween is upon us!

‘Tis the witching hour of All Hallow’s Eve… or rather, the eve of All Hallow’s Eve, which, uh, means it’s not All Hallow’s Eve at all, since it’s the eve before the Eve… I think? And I guess the “witching hour” depends on the timezone…

Ah, anyway, what I mean is, it’s Halloween! Time for tricks and/or treats, jack-o’-lantern and all kinds of things that quietly crawl up your legs, just like they’re doing right now. Usually, I’m never one to really care for Halloween, but this year it’s different. Hot on the heels of the Nostalgia Update (remember that?), I’m proud to give you…

Halloween Mini-Update

*thunder cracks, witches laugh in the distance*

It’s true! Black magic is afoot, as last week’s five-day nostalgia extravaganza is being followed by another update to the still-fresh Comic Archive! Mind you, it’s also an incredibly nostalgic trip to the past, so you could say this is really the Nostalgia Update Day 6(66)! However, it’s called a “Mini-Update” rather than an “Update” because, unlike the massive 246 comics added last week, this is just one more series, although it’s a reaaaally good one.

Now, before anyone says “but Mythos, if you had another comic from old ago stashed away somewhere, maybe you should’ve released it last week”, let me clarify: I actually didn’t have this comic a week ago. I managed to obtain it literally only last night! It’s witchcraft, I say! Witchcraaaft!
Well, rather, it was good advice from Gogi and a PM sent to the author of this classic comic, who actually had it perfectly backed up and was generous enough to let me share it once again with everyone. Even better, it’s a horror Garry’s Mod comic – perhaps even the first ever made! Ironic coincidence that I got it right before Halloween… or is it the Dark Arts? *black cat shrieks*

In any case, it’s actually one of my favorite Garry’s Mod comics of all time, which I’ve been trying to find for a while now, so it makes me incredibly happy to be able to bring it back online for everyone to read, or re-read. It’s… Major.Dump’s My Last Night in Ravenholm!

For those who have not just died of nostalgia-induced shock (and quickly returned as the undead), My Last Night in Ravenholm dates back to 2005, the dawn of Garry’s Mod comic making. In fact, I could be wrong as it was a long time ago, but it may have been the first serious comic set in Ravenholm, the headcrab-infested town of Half-Life 2 (which, appropriately, is also nearing its tenth anniversary). Being one of the first and nine years old by now also means that it has aged a bit in some regards, but it’s still a fantastic story with an unmatched grim atmosphere – and it has the distinction of having been completed, which is, sadly, not something you can say about every comic series.

Anyway, enough blabbering (even though I was using the time you were reading this to cast a curse on you), let’s get to it! It’s time for My Last Night in Ravenholm to rise from the grave! Mwahahaha!

My Last Night in Ravenholm

(Oh, and have no fear – for your life! – if it hasn’t popped up yet in the Comic Archive by the time you read this, it just means I still have to add the link in. The actual comic is online in its entirety right now!)

I hope you’re as thrilled to read it, whether for the first time ever or for the first time in years, as I was! And have a happy Halloween, too! If anyone goes out dressed as Hercule Cubbage, let me know! See ya soon… if you survive! eeheeehahehahAHaHaAhaAahAAAA

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