Weekly Comics Roundup: 03/11/2014

Weekly Comics Roundup: 03/11/2014

Hi, guys! Apologies for not releasing this sooner, unfortunately I had some personal issues yesterday and today so I couldn’t focus on the site. But here I am, just a bit late! I think I’ll release these on Sundays from now on – that said, I may make them biweekly instead of weekly, because comics don’t come out as regularly as they used to in the mid-to-late ’00s, unfortunately.

That said, at least there’s one comic this week, so it’s not a complete loss!

  • 31/11/2014: Pawns, Episode 1, by Thumblesteen. Thumblesteen is new to comic making, so expect some growing pains from this first episode of his series, a politically-charged comedy. Previews for his second episode

All right, unfortunately that’s it for the week, but Metrocop has exclusive inside information (meaning he told me) that Gogi is currently working on the tenth part of his epic, The Quest. So, stay tuned for further updates!

Oh, and if you don’t see a new post later this week or early next week… it’s gone bi-weekly. See ya!

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