A quick news update!

Hello! December already, huh? How time flies! I wish I had something to show for it, but unfortunately, all I have is a few words to share about the future.

Regarding the immediate future, I’m going away on a trip abroad for just a few days, which shouldn’t really make much of a difference as I don’t post that often anyway. That said, I’ve been working on an oft-requested feature for Metrocop (can you guess which?) and it should be ready to go soon after I come back. So, check back regularly after December 15 for the debut of a big new thing to the site!

On other news, I’ve also been working on new comics – unrelated to The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage (Chapter 6 is still quite far away, I’m afraid) – to be released in 2015. I should have more to say about that as we get closer to the New Year. And I’m also not losing hope for a Christmas Update to the Comic Archive, assuming I can have everything ready in time!

I’ll get back to you soon!

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