Happy Holidays from Metrocop!

Hello, everyone! Mythos here with a quick message for everyone who visits the site.

I hoped to have some sort of Christmas Update ready but, sadly, I didn’t get anything ready in time for a big present this week. That said, I do have a bunch of comics to upload to the Archive, so I figure I’ll be peppering smaller updates throughout 2015 to keep content coming, as well as put other comics in the spotlight!
I also have another major project for the site that I hoped to debut this month, but I’m postponing it till next year. In fact, I suspect I’ll write a bit more about what 2015 will bring in the near future, but for now I’ll just say this: with Mythic Comics on production and this new secret of mine (as well as the second half of The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage to come, of course), I expect 2015 to be a busy year for Metrocop!

For now, though, just two things. First off, there’s a couple of recent comics to mention – a Christmas short by usaokay and Crazy Knife’s sweetroll comic from a couple of weeks back that I didn’t have the opportunity to report. UPDATE: Crazy Knife’s also just released another comic, a massive Christmas special.

The second is, quite simply…

Happy Holidays!

Enjoy the season, and thank you for your continued visits to Metrocop! 2015 will bring it to a whole new level, just wait and see!

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