Introducing: Metrocop Forums!

Come in, we're open!

It’s true! I am pleased to report that, after a few months of working on it on and off, Metrocop finally has its own message boards!

These were a long time coming, especially considering Metrocop is pretty much the sole remaining place for Garry’s Mod comic making, even though there are still many interested in the 10-years-old hobby. They’re nothing fancy and I apologize for the prevalence of ads, but, due to the lack of funds, I had to go for a free alternative to more commonly-used tools. Still, I think it will do nicely, at least for now!

From now on, the forums can be found at I would like to extend an invitation to everyone who reads and enjoys this site, particularly the regulars who are kind enough to leave comments often, to register and become a part of this forming community. With your presence, we might establish a place where everyone can talk, share experiences and creations and, most of all, have fun together! I also invite feedback and suggestions to improve the forums, since they’re so new and untested. Consider this its beta period!

That’s all for the moment here, but I really hope to see you in the forums later!


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