New comic coming soon!

Metrocop made a big leap quite recently by adding forums, which I’d say are actually doing really well for their first week – if you haven’t yet, feel free to jump in and join the fun! That’s not the only new thing coming though, as there’s further plans for the site.

That said, all the work in assembling and improving a Garry’s Mod comics site to the best of my ability takes its toll on the actual “comic making” aspect of Garry’s Mod comics, ironically enough, not to mention life often getting in the way. However, currently I have too much time on my hands, so I’m trying to use that productively for you guys. And, well…

Mythic Comics #1 Promo… yeah, the series announced late last year is debuting, at last, next week!

Mythic Comics #1 starts a four-part story arc called “Haunted” that involves paranormal activities, and what better way to begin such a haunting tale (sorry) than on Friday the 13th? This story arc also includes a few very special guest stars, some arguably more familiar than others, and while it’s a story with a beginning, middle and end, it kicks off events that will pay off in later story arcs too! It’s a different format than the typical GMod comic series, which are usually either a series of single-issue stories or a long-running story that, unfortunately, generally doesn’t get an ending. This way, you get a resolution to a story within a few issues, but also have further reasons to pay attention and keep coming back for more later.

I’m also hoping to release all four issues of the first story arc on a biweekly or, preferably, even a weekly basis, if things go according to plan – but, since they rarely do, I’m afraid that I can’t make any promises. Ideally, the way Mythic Comics would work is, you’d get all issues of each story arc within a relatively short time-span, so, even if I kept you all waiting before launching the next story, at least you’d get a period of activity and a beginning, a middle and an end in that time.

A word to the Hercule Cubbage fans out there, which I’ve been steadily becoming aware are actual people and not just a figment of my imagination: I haven’t forgotten our ol’ pal Hercule, but while you wait for his return, please give this comic a go! There’ll also be some more stories set in the Half-Life universe added to the Comic Archive soon enough to tide you over.

Alright, I think that’s it for now. Hope to see you next week for this brand-new beginning – or better yet, even earlier on the forums!

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