Comics Roundup: 16/02/2015

Comics Roundup: 16/02/2015

Hello! I tend to release these on Fridays or weekends, but this was a very busy weekend for me personally, so I only just managed to make the time to prepare this post. My apologies!

That said, it’s worth the wait, as this week was very active comics-wise, a good sign for the times to come! Besides Mythic Comics #1 last Friday, here’s the community-created comics of the past week:

  • 10/02/2015: Beyond Borders Episode I, by Jim_Riley. As I mentioned recently, Jim_Riley began to re-release past episodes of his alternate take on the Half-Life 2 universe, re-edited as a “Redux” version with a better, more modern layout. I couldn’t have asked for a better Metrocop forums exclusive, and it was a surprise, too!
  • 11/02/2015: Beyond Borders Episode II, by Jim_Riley. The re-releases continued the following day with the second episode, the one that really shows the differences between his story and the Half-Life 2 we know, and puts an exciting twist on a very familiar face from the award-winning game.
  • 13/02/2015: Beyond Borders Episode III, by Jim_Riley. The final entry so far in the Beyond Borders series, which will be eventually be continued with IV as soon as it’s done. Unlike the first two episodes, which are set within City Seventeen, Episode III sets off to parts unknown in an exciting, explosive shootout.
  • 14/02/2015: Safe Sex, by Burg. A Valentine’s Day special by one of the Metrocop forums’ newest members, you’ll probably get a good laugh from this 6-panel funny comic.

This was pretty much “Beyond Borders Week” with a special, unexpected Valentine’s Day surprise added in. Really good stuff and, together with my own new comic, it makes 5 comic releases in four days, which is really good! Naturally we had the advantage of Jim_Riley releasing his laborious re-edit of classic comics in one go this week, but I really hope the community remains this excited and engaged with comics.

If you’d like to see your own comics featured on Metrocop, sign up for the Metrocop forums and post them in the Comics section!

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