Note to self: release dates are bad

I intend on making a comprehensive tutorial on comic making for Metrocop sometime. I have this idea of having a section for tips and advice at the end, after all the step-by-step lessons, and one of those tips would be “Don’t set release dates. More often than not, you won’t be able to keep them.” That comes from experience and, sadly, I should remember to follow my own advice.

While I never made any promises, it was my intention to have the first story arc of Mythic Comics as a weekly comic, which would mean a release this Friday. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts (and believe me, I’ve been pulling my weight whenever I can), I doubt I’ll manage to hit that release date, as I’m very far behind. More importantly, I’d rather take my time making it as good as I want it, instead of rushing it to release as planned and later regret the end result.

At the very least, what I can do is release the cover for issue #2 right now in anticipation of the future release:

Click for full resolution (1000x1518px)
Click for full resolution (1000x1518px)

I still intend to release this soon, and followed by #3 and #4 as soon as possible afterwards. It definitely won’t take months for the next issue to come out, especially at the rate I’ve been progressing. I really do hope you’ll be willing to wait and thank you for your interest.

On better news, when I’m unable to work on the comic, I’ve been doing a lot of progress on a new big update to the Comic Archive! I see it as free DLC for Metrocop and it’s filled to the brim with good ones. Please look forward to it!

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