Comics Roundup: 03/04/2015

Comics Roundup: 03/04/2015

It’s been a while since I’ve updated… oops! My apologies, I’ve been a bit busy with real-life stuff, though I’ve been ever-present on the forums, which actually had a small handful of releases in the past month and a half. My apologies for the members whose comics were posted a while back but didn’t get a Comics Roundup at the time, theirs are included in this Roundup alongside a couple of recent re-releases.

  • 08/03/2015: Soft Power Issues 01-05, by PypeBomb. One of the more recent additions to the forums, PypeBomb’s Soft Power is an ongoing epic political thriller set in an original universe of his creation.
  • 25/03/2015: SuperFort Part 1 Redux, by Fort. Old-school comic maker Fort’s back with a remake of one of his old comics. Featuring less-than-super heroics!
  • 01/04/2015: DUEL, by headshotmaster. Forum member Arctic Avenger has a personal archive of old-school GMod comics from various members of former comic communities, including this one, an action-heavy duel comic with a twist.
  • 01/04/2015: Frank O’Hara, by Jim_Riley. Another old classic Arctic Avenger had saved up, this time one of fellow member Jim_Riley’s. Originally created for a contest, this is a fun action romp with a very ’80s action movie style to it.

That’s it for now! I must also apologize for the embarrassment of not having released Mythic Comics #2 yet, but like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been sidetracked by other concerns. That said, it’s not too far off from completion, so hopefully I’ll finally get it done and released sometime soon, long after the original intended release date. Ah well, GMod comics.

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