Comics Roundup: 06/04/2014

Comics Roundup: 06/04/2015

Hello, everyone! Bet you weren’t expecting news so soon! Well, I decided to do an early Comics Roundup for various reasons: for one thing, to compensate for the lack of updates throughout the last month; for another, thanks in large part to the efforts of community member Arctic Avenger, today saw a large number of comics posted on the forums, which justify having an extra Comics Roundup.

Without further ado, here are all the comics released on the forums today, 06/04/2015:

  • The Payphone, by Jim_Riley. The single brand new comic in this roundup, a spur-of-the-moment short comic from the creator of Beyond Borders. Think Phone Booth meets Wanted.
  • GTR 222: Insertion, by RileyB. The first of Arctic Avenger’s many re-releases today, and reportedly the comic that persuaded him to make comics in the first place. A military operations against the Combine, but with a supernatural twist. Sadly, the final page is missing, but Arctic Avenger was kind enough to provide a description.
  • Brane Worlds: Episode I, by Hazard-Life. The first of a four-part late classic by one of the all-time greats, Hazard-Life. The noir tale of private investigator Lewton Slade takes a sharp left turn when otherwordly creatures and a technologically-advanced rescuer barge into his life.
  • “Escape”, by Shalroq. This fantastic but unfinished piece by a PHWOnline staffer tells the story of Allen Smith, a refugee attempting to escape City Seventeen.
  • Conflict: Ban Ops Issue 2, by Arctic Avenger. Arctic Avenger’s response to Shalroq’s inability to continue his “Escape” comic.
  • Brane Worlds: Episode II, by Hazard-Life. The second part of Brane Worlds, this time shedding some light on the backstory of both Slade’s unlikely guardian angel, Valkyrie 27, and the multiverse of the comic.

A big thanks to Arctic Avenger for archiving so many old classics and being kind enough to repost them for everyone’s enjoyment. Of course, thanks to Jim_Riley as well for releasing a brand new comic and keeping up the great work!

Coincidentally, I’ve long tried to contact Hazard-Life in order to get his old series archived here on Metrocop, as they were some of my favorites, punctuated by unparalleled imagination and originality. In the off-chance he actually reads this, if you’d be so kind as to allow for this to happen, please contact me through the contact form here on the site or through the forums.

That’s it for now, but hopefully there’ll be some more comics, new or old, to allow me to make a second Comics Roundup this week. Stay tuned!

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