Comics Roundup: 08/05/2015

Comics Roundup: 08/05/2015

Now this was a week! Thanks to the combined efforts of the Metrocop forums, the past week saw the release of a whooping fourteen comics! Granted, the overwhelming majority of these are old comics being re-released, but not only were many of those long-lost favorites, we also saw the glorious return of a fan-favorite comic maker from the better days of PHW!

Cue drums as we begin to look at all the great stuff released this week:

  • 01/05/2015: Four single comics by various authors. Posted by the ever-reliable Arctic Avenger, these include part of an issue of the long sought after Kenny the Cop series by Mjolnir82991 (more on him later), the concept for a mercenary-based comic by headshotmaster, a short horror comic concept by Facepunch member Thomo, and finally, Sketch #67 from PHW founder Michael K. Clements, a.k.a. Jian.
  • 01/05/2015: Unforeseen Intrusions, by Ninja Nub. Continuing his ongoing roll of comic releases, Ninja Nub released a short humorous comic with everyone’s favorite peeping tom, the G-Man from the Half-Life series, being harassed by a very friendly metrocop.
  • 04/05/2015: The Third Reborn, by Cmdr.Death. A beloved and positively gigantic classic from 2007 that’s getting rave reviews all over again, re-released, once again, by Arctic Avenger. The story follows Mike, a rebel turned bounty hunter, in two separate time periods – during the struggle against the Combine, and long after Humanity’s victory. While there’s some issues with the English, the comic is well worth reading.
  • 04/05/2015: The Trouble with the Can, by Mjolnir82991. Mjolnir, the creator of Kenny the Cop, returned to the community and started to re-release his old classics, starting with this one – a funny silent comic from 2008, done as an experiment at the time, which turned out to be Mjolnir’s last comic so far.
  • 05/05/2015: Two’s Company and Welcome to Prospekt, by Mjolnir82991. Another two of Mjolnir’s old classic single comics, both set in Nova Prospekt, one of Half-Life 2‘s most depressing locales turned into great comedy fodder.
  • 05/05/2015: Zero Hour Part 1, by CPShArp. Reposted by mcharest, this 2009 comic is set during the infamous Seven Hour War from the Half-Life 2 backstory. Featuring a squad tasked with rescuing civilians from the antlion-infested Phoenix, Arizona, this first part also teases the return of fan-favorite Half-Life: Opposing Force protagonist, Adrian Shephard.
  • 06/05/2015: Infection: Chapter 4, by Pyren. Once again, jim_cjr releases part of this classic series. Jacobs’ life hangs in the balance as Doctor Breen turns on the squad to prevent further contagion.
  • 06/05/2015: Guess What Time it Is and Down with the Combine, by Mjolnir82991. The re-releases continued with two more single comics, this time set in City 17 as the residents find themselves outsmarted by Civil Protection.
  • 07/05/2015: Combine Exchange Program Episode 1: Awkward Silence, by Mjolnir82991. Following up on the re-releases is this, Mjolnir’s first new comic in seven(!) years. Once again, the focus is on the comedic take on the Combine. You’ll never guess what the Overwatch soldiers are missing…

Congratulations to everyone who posted comics this week! It was definitely a monumental one, not only thanks to the long-awaited return of Mjolnir, but also due to the amount of comics that saw the light of day.

I’d say I hope there’s even more comic activity next week, but I don’t have to hope. I know there’ll be more comic activity the coming week! You’ll find out why soon, so stay tuned!

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