Announcing… the Widescreen Update!

Widescreen Update

That’s right! Finally, the official Metrocop Comics Archive is getting a big update again!

You may remember the first one, the Nostalgia Update, which not only debuted the actual Comics Archive, but also brought a whooping 246 comics to the fold, including not only the all-time classic Jeff, but also all of Worse than Life, the entire PoB/CR-O War and more. This one’s slightly smaller, I’m afraid, but it will still add 142 comics to Metrocop!

Starting tomorrow, May 11, 2015, and until Friday, May 15, 2015, Metrocop will be updated daily at 8AM GMT with classic comics for you to enjoy again or anew. Day 1, albeit the smallest in number of comics released (only seven, I’m afraid, though a really great seven), will also include a special Metrocop announcement. Something that will mark another big step in the development of, and hopefully begin another brand-new phase of growth!

Also, I called it the “Widescreen Update” because, unlike the classic comics with old-school editing of the first big update, a large number of this update’s comics are extremely cinematic in nature and fit the description of widescreen comics. Expect all kinds of comics, from dark and serious Half-Life 2 stories, to original and imaginative universes, as well as the typical hilarious comedy series we all love.

I hope you’ll look forward to a fun week and remember to visit the Metrocop forums for more from the community!

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