The Widescreen Update: Day 1

Widescreen Update

Hello, everyone! As mentioned yesterday, a new Update to the Comics Archive is happening this week – and we’re now on Day 1!

I thought it was appropriate to begin the Widescreen Update with big news, so here goes: Metrocop is expanding! And by that, I mean that I’m now taking the first steps to make sure that Metrocop is not just synonymous with me. Naturally, thanks to the growing forum community, that already wasn’t the case, but I felt even more steps were needed for growth.

As such, I’m proud to announce that Metrocop will have its own Team dedicated to bringing you fresh content about Garry’s Mod comics! Some of you old-school types may feel free to think of this akin to the “Comic Teams” of old, although in this case I’m granting access to the blog as well, where the Team may write their own posts and articles about the subject.
For now, though, I’m only announcing the first member to join the Team. He’s someone who’s been present in the forums from the start and was actually the first to release a comic there, as well as to keep content coming and engaging with the others! He’s definitely the perfect choice to start an official Team. Ladies and gentlemen, the first Team member is…


An active comic maker since at least 2006, responsible for beloved comics throughout the years, as well as a very active member of the Metrocop community, Jim_Riley is the first to be promoted to Team status! And with that, his well-known magnum opus of a comic series also arrives to the Metrocop Comics Archive:

Beyond Borders Banner

That’s the big news of today, but of course, Jim_Riley’s Beyond Borders has been available on the forums for quite a while now and has even been featured on previous Comics Roundup, so I had to get something extra for the first day of a comics-oriented update!

Thankfully, I’ve been in touch with another extremely well-known creator from the early days of comics, and he was kind enough to bring a long-requested series back online on Metrocop. I give you…

The Banner Banner

The Banner, produced by Waxx from scripts written by Okimin! Some of you may remember that, in the early days, Metrocop linked back to the now defunct to make The Banner available to people. Sadly, Waxx decided to let Mine-Dog go for now, and the comics were made unavailable as a result, but they’re now back online here! Three modern classics, I highly recommend you read, or re-read, them!

That’s it for today, but I’ll be back at 8AM GMT tomorrow with 13 more comics, from a well-respected member of the Garry’s Mod community whose comic work, although not his best-known talent, is extremely enjoyable. For now, make sure to keep your eye on the forums to see what else the community is releasing – or better yet, join it if you haven’t! See you tomorrow!

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