The Widescreen Update: Day 2

Widescreen Update

Hello! We’re back with the Widescreen Update, after yesterday’s release of Beyond Borders and The Banner as well as the announcement of Jim_Riley as the first Team member.

Today, Metrocop brings you the collection of a well-known member of the Garry’s Mod community, someone who’s been around since the early days and, while better known for his texture work, is still an accomplished comic maker with an excellent collection: Lt_Commander!

Metrocop is proud to host 13 comics created by Lt_Commander:

Continent 4 BannerLou Collins: Man of War BannerThe Other Side BannerStar Trek Intrepid Banner

Both Continent 4 and Lou Collins: Man of War are set in the same continuity, based on the Half-Life 2 universe, but each with their own original take. I was particularly impressed with how well plotted Continent 4 was, telling a story out of chronological order from both sides of the conflict. Lou Collins, on the other hand, is also a really great perspective on the early years of the Combine empire on Earth, built on a great premise and full of colorful characters. While neither was continued past its fourth issue, sadly, they’re still really enjoyable and completely worth a read.
Lt_Commander’s The Other Side is perhaps the least well-known series here, since, as far as I know, it saw a limited release only on a few, more private forums, so I’m happy that Metrocop brings it back for a wider audience. It’s a perskin series with an alternate reality twist, and while it, too, wasn’t continued past four parts, it’s a really cool read. As for Star Trek: Intrepid, it’s only a single issue and ordinarily I wouldn’t give a single comic its own section, but I had to spotlight this really smart take on the Star Trek universe mixed with some familiar elements from the Half-Life series.

That’s it for today’s update, but tomorrow brings another 21 comics from a creator I think most old-school members remember fondly. I envy the lucky people who will get to experience them for the first time tomorrow! Stay tuned, enjoy today’s additions to the Comics Archive and remember to visit the forums regularly for updates from the community!

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