The Widescreen Update: Day 3

Widescreen Update
Good morning! The Widescreen Update strikes back with day 3, the biggest one so far! Remember to check back on Day 1 and Day 2 if you missed anything!

For today, I’m proud to announce the re-release of comics from one of my all-time favorite GMod comics creators. Consider today… Hazard-Life Day!
Hazard-Life, a.k.a. Haz-Life, was known for his excellent writing and fascinating original stories, usually set in their own universes. While sadly not all of his old backlog is still intact, Hazard-Life was kind enough to provide four series that are:

Skyline Bandits BannerWhere are the Murderers BannerBrane Worlds BannerHunger Banner

Skyline Bandits is a 2007 sci-fi Western, following the story of two men who find a relic from the past that will change their lives. Where are the Murderers is a 2008 series set in the Half-Life 2 universe, starring two of the most unlikely protagonists you can imagine in a violent personal tale. Both series are concluded epics that are a must-read for anyone who likes Garry’s Mod comics.
Most readers may be already familiar with BraneWorlds, as our community member Arctic Avenger has already re-released them on the forums before, but now they get a rightful place on the Comic Archive alongside other Hazard-Life works. Finally, Hunger is a short, two-part series that adapts a classic ’80s game as a dark and twisted horror story.

You’ve got a lot to enjoy today, so go ahead! Tomorrow brings back the works of another comic maker of the past, one who I had personal ties with for a long time. I hope you’ll look forward to that and stay tuned! Make sure to check the forums too for more good stuff!

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