The Widescreen Update: Day 4

Widescreen Update

Oh, hello! I didn’t see you there. Welcome back to the Widescreen Update! If you’re just joining us, make sure to check out everything you’ve missed so far.

I’d like to start today with a short History lesson. Back in 2007, when I first joined the now-defunct PHWOnline site that used to be the hub for GMod comics, I found myself accidentally annoying an up-and-comer who didn’t take too kindly to constructive criticism from a then-unproven newbie. When I reached him privately to try and clarify things, we actually ended up getting along fairly well and soon started discussing comics together. We then decided to form our own comics group and used his existing blog as both a hub and the name of our team – Phenomena on Break.

The final two days of the Widescreen Update are gonna be all about that same guy. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the works of Mike Dolor, a.k.a. Delirium!

Delirium (also originally known as “GrowingDelirium”) was a very prolific comic maker in his time, being responsible for creating over a hundred comics. While he’s long moved on both from comics and from his online presence, I happened to still have access to nearly his entire catalog, so I’ve decided to bring them back online here on Metrocop. That said, that many comics in one day would be quite overwhelming, so I’ve split it up between today and tomorrow.

For today, I’m re-releasing only two of his series, but with a staggering 52 comics between them. These are two of his earliest works, the first being arguably his most popular series in all his three years of activity, and the second serving as the introduction to his perskin persona:

Half-Spartan BannerRobot Insurance Banner

Half-Spartan, as the name and banner probably imply, features the popular protagonist of the Halo series, Master Chief, finding himself transported to City 17 and the world of Half-Life. Robot Insurance was a series of comic strips featuring Delirium and the members of Phenomena on Break, myself included, in our misadventures and shenanigans.
Unfortunately, neither series is being re-released intact. Thanks to the whims of ImageShack, Half-Spartan #10 is missing quite a few parts and Robot Insurance #11 is completely absent. Still, everything else is there and ready to be enjoyed, so overall it’s still pretty good!

This is arguably the least “widescreen” day of the Widescreen Update per the definition given on the original announcement, but I think it’s a good primer before the other half of Delirium’s comics hit tomorrow, featuring everything from another comedy series to weird and twisted tales, and even a man with a balloon for a head. For now, enjoy these two series, and I expect you back here tomorrow for our final day of this Update!

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