The Widescreen Update: Day 5

Widescreen Update

Hello! Here we are at last: the final day of the Widescreen Update! The week sure flew by, huh? I do hope you’ve been enjoying the Update so far; if you missed anything, just click here to see all the previous posts.

Yesterday, I re-released two series from Mike “Delirium” Dolor, my oldest friend in the Garry’s Mod community and a prolific creator from the days of our former group, Phenomena on Break. As promised, today I’m bringing you a bunch more from his old collection, for a grand total of 49 comics spread throughout 5 distinct series:

Fuel On Fire BannerRosetta Fallen BannerThe Balloon Head Trilogy BannerCombine Commune BannerCouch Banner

As usual, here’s a short description of each series for some context:
Fuel On
(subtitled “Daedal Wars” for some issues) is actually a reboot of some of Delirium’s first comics, a dark, twisted and often confusing story about a girl named Regina who harbors an unwanted ‘guest’ within her. Rosetta Fallen is the story of the last angel, fallen from the sky in mysterious circumstances and hunted in a world where time is frozen.
The Balloon Head Trilogy is a quirky and weird series about a ‘living corpse’ with a balloon for a head and his friend who speaks only in rhymes. Combine Commune is a comedy about a group of Combine misfits living together in an abandoned building. Finally, Couch is a silly, not safe for work series where Delirium created whatever was on his madcap, imaginative mind.

And with that, with 142 comics added to Metrocop, the Widescreen Update is officially concluded! By the end of today, all these series will be linked in the Comic Archive page alongside the existing ones. I’d like to thank everyone who was kind enough to provide their classic comics to add to the Archive – Waxx, Okimin, Lt_Commander, Hazard-Life and, implicitly, my old friend Delirium, whose presence in the GMod comics community is sorely missed. I’d also like to take the opportunity to once again welcome Jim_Riley to the Metrocop Team, the first addition of hopefully many to liven up the site and lead the charge in this comics Renaissance!

The fun at Metrocop isn’t over for today, though! In a while you’ll also get a Comics Roundup for this week, as the community has once again provided some more great comics, and if you’re a member, you are also invited to join us on a Synergy match later today, details for which you can find in the forums – but only if you’re a registered member, so, if you wanna play with us, join us for real!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the latest Update – which won’t be the last, as long as I still have upload space on the site! – and I’ll be back later. Have fun reading!

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