Comics Roundup: 22/05/2015

Comics Roundup: 22/05/2015

Hi there! Another week, another Roundup, all thanks to the continued efforts of the Metrocop community! This past week, we got a repost of another installment from an old classic, as well as three brand-new comics to enjoy. Check them out:

  • 17/05/2015: Combine Exchange Program Episode 3: Impressions, by Mjolnir82991. The recently-returned classic creator continues to put everyone else to shame with his productivity of amazing new comics, continuing his new series with a showcase of how Civil Protection learn their lessons.
  • 17/05/2015: Infection: Chapter 5, by Pyren. CJR is once again kind enough to continue the re-release of Pyren’s classic series. Alex Jacobs and Isaac Renne stage their escape attempt from the Combine prison, but Jacobs’ infection manifests in unexpected ways.
  • 18/05/2015: Prisoner of War: Episode 1, by JoshRifles. JoshRifles makes his comics debut with an action-filled first installment. Lots of potential for the future and definitely worth checking out.
  • 18/05/2015: Waifu-B-Gone, by Fort. Inspired by our friends over on the Facepunch forums, Fort’s hilarious short comic demonstrates how to get rid properly of your waifu.

Pretty good output this week! Hopefully our fine friends will continue their good work. In the meantime, I’m doing some comics work of my own, so please look forward to that. Thanks for reading, and please consider joining the forums if you haven’t yet. I’ll see you guys next time!

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