Comics Roundup: 01/06/2015

Comics Roundup: 01/06/2015

Hello, friends! Apologies for the slightly late Comics Roundup, I’ve been a bit sidetracked as of late – and not just by the awesome TF2 Mann vs. Machine match we had last Thursday! Still, better late than never, so let’s look at last week’s releases.

Unfortunately, it was a slow week at Metrocop, but we’ve still got two comic re-releases and one brand new comic to keep us entertained:

  • 26/05/2015: Money Woes, by usaokay. Speaking of Mann vs. Machine, usaokay brings us a comic based on actual events in one such match. Where all the money at?
  • 26/05/2015: Zero Hour Part 2, by CPShArp. mcharest once again brings us part of CPShArp’s Seven Hour War comic. Tensions rise as the United States Marines try to hold off the Xen aliens and a squad of soldiers investigates unusual circumstances.
  • 31/05/2015: Infection: Chapter 6, by Pyren. We near the end of this classic series as jim_cjr continues to repost it. Now inside the city walls, Jacobs’ condition continues to worsen, the Combine – and someone else – get closer to catching him, and an unexpected connection to Half-Life 2 is revealed.

We’re now getting closer to the midway point of the year, and it’s been a really good one for Garry’s Mod comics so far, especially compared with the previous years. Hopefully we can all contribute to keeping the momentum up! I’ve been fairly unproductive of late regarding brand new comics, but I’ll work on it – until then, stick around and make sure to take part in the forums!

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