Garry’s Mod sequel coming, will have VR

I’d actually seen fairly strong hints of this on Facepunch and Twitter, but I guess now it’s official(er): Garry’s Mod is getting a sequel, Garry told PCGamerN. No big surprise there, to be honest – GMod has been on sale for a few good years now and changes in the past few versions have been incremental at best. It certainly makes sense to make a brand new game in the same vein, especially with Source 2 coming.

What is more surprising is the fact that they’re trying to implement VR from the get-go in this early stage of development. Can you imagine what GMod would be like as a fully immersive experience? Will we be making comics in virtual reality now? Well, not likely on that last part, but making the sandbox game a VR experience sounds cool.

Also, it won’t be called Garry’s Mod 2. Which personally makes me glad, because I never liked the name anyway – it makes it look like it was made by a teenager. And it was, but still, time to grow up.

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