status New Forum Feature: the Guest House

Hey, guys! I’ve got news for you regarding the Metrocop forums.

I’ll be the first to admit there’s not a lot of influx of membership and activity there, but I’ve also noticed we get a decent amount of ‘guests’ – i.e., unregistered visitors – regularly. Mind you, I don’t blame you for not registering even if you like the site; it took me over two years to ever register on the old PHWOnline forums, even though I went there pretty much every day. Sometimes you just don’t want to make that big leap into a community.

That said, I had an idea on how readers such as yourself might take part in the conversation even without registering. Introducing: the Guest House!

The Guest House is a forum section where guests are allowed to post and create new topics of conversation. It’s a lot looser in theme compared to the other sections, so you can go in and actually talk about whatever you want – heck, if you want to release a comic anonymously, you can even do that there!
Naturally, given that it’s all anonymous, and that can sometimes lead to bad things, it’s also more heavily moderated than other sections. It’s still better just to register and join the conversation as a member, as you’ll have free access to everything, but at least now you can still join the fun even as a visitor!

It’s all very experimental, so don’t be too surprised if it suddenly vanishes at some point. That said, we’ll give it a trial period and see what happens – hopefully, good things! Stay tuned and, hey, welcome to the forums!

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