image Some classic screenshots by Pyren

Behind the unappealing post title (hey come on, it’s Monday morning, I couldn’t think of anything else) lie a bunch of awesome screenshots from the old days, made by our newest forum member Pyren, including some shots from the unproduced Infection sequel and prequel. Check them out!

Perfect Killer, by Pyren
Man's Best Friend, by Pyren
Devastation, by Pyren
Factory Smoke (Infection Prequel Test), by Pyren
Swamp Recon (Infection Prequel Test), by Pyren
Respiration, by Pyren
Flashlight, by Pyren
Smooth Operators Saving a Dude, by Pyren
First Contact, by Pyren
Space Cowboys and Aliens, by Pyren
Close Quarters, by Pyren
Infection 2 Test, by Pyren
Infection 2 Test, by Pyren
Infection 2 Test, by Pyren
Badass Shephard, by Pyren
Hide and Seek, by Pyren
PMC, by Pyren

Teamwork, by Pyren
Amphibious Predators, by Pyren
Three SAS Gentlemen, by Pyren
Professional Killers, by Pyren
Coming Soon...

For more awesome images, check out the Screenshots section on the forums. For more works by Pyren, check here.

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