Metrocop Hallowe’en Contest!

Metrocop Hallowe'en Contest

Hello, everyone! That’s right, Metrocop is having a contest for Hallowe’en! And you can take part in it! There’s even a prize! Read on for details.

Participants must make and release one brand new comic until October 31, 2015, meaning you have three weeks to get it done. The comic has to be connected to Hallowe’en thematically in some way, but it can be anything as long as it fits the theme – it can be a horror comic, a comedy set in Hallowe’en, a comic with scary monsters, anything you like! You can also use content from any Valve game or custom content you have in your comic.

Tales from the Borderlands

The entries will be judged by the moderator ESToomere and I, and the winner will be announced on November 1st. Whoever wins will get a Steam copy of Telltale Games’ Tales of the Borderlands: Season One as a prize! There might also be a prize for whoever we pick as second-place, but that is yet to be decided. I’ll let you know!

There are some additional rules but they are pretty simple:

  • Only comics posted on the Metrocop forums’ Comics section by their authors will be accepted as entries. Also, we ask that you add “[Hallowe’en Contest]” to the thread title, though that is not mandatory for participating;
  • You can post your entry from the release date of this post until November 1st, 00:00 UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time;
  • Only one entry will be considered for each participant. Meaning that, even if you release 5 comics for the contest, only one will be considered by the judges, and we’ll be the ones to pick which one;
  • The comic(s) you put forth as your entry must be unreleased so far on anywhere on the Internet. Meaning that, if it’s a comic posted on PHW, Facepunch or wherever before being released on Metrocop, it doesn’t count. We’re looking for brand new content;
  • By participating, you accept that your comic may get added to the Metrocop Comic Archive. We’d like to save them up on the site for future readers.

Alright, I think that pretty much covers it! I hope we’ll get a good number of participants and, better yet, some great comics! Good luck, everyone, and thanks for participating!

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