New Information on HL3 Leaked

Half-Life 2: Episode Three Concept Art

Hey, guys! I’m a little behind on posting this news but, seeing as it’s the eighth anniversary of the release of The Orange Box (and Episode Two by extension), I think it’s still fairly topical to share.

First reported by Steam Database, it seems that Valve has released four text files meant as help files for Source 2’s version of the Hammer level editor, and two are clearly related to the mythical Half-Life 3, namely hl3.txt and ai_basenpc.txt.

There is nothing particularly revolutionary about these files, as they just illustrate entities to help mappers, but there are two particular points worth noting. One, perhaps not as major but still interesting, is that the hl3.txt file includes a lot of mentions of content directly ported over from Half-Life 2. The other is that there are a sizable number of mentions of entities that seem to be related to a quest system for Half-Life 3, as well as some sort of zipline prop, and also a new enemy called the “Combine Pulse Ceiling Turret”. All of a sudden, those rumors in 2012 of an open-world HL3 seem to be not as far off as initially assumed.

If you’d like to see the file in its entirety, go ahead. For the most part, it can be assumed that this was an unintentional leak, but considering the relevance of the date as previously mentioned, it makes me wonder. Perhaps this is Valve’s subtle way of giving hope to fans.

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