Scream Fortress VII is Here!

Scream Fortress VII

As expected, the traditional Team Fortress 2 Annual Halloween Special is back! That said, as Valve is currently too busy making Half-Life 3 swimming in Dota 2 and CS:GO money doing… uh, something undoubtedly awesome for the community, they basically crowdsourced the event to the community this year.

The result is a slew of new community-created, Halloween-themed items (none of which are restricted to Halloween/Full Moon events, for the first time), four new maps and even two new taunts! Plus, you can replay all of the six previous Scream Fortress events, too, which should make for great fun. Oh, and of course, there’s a new comic to go along with it.

They’ve also brought Mannpower Mode out of beta, complete with its own official map. If you’re unaware of Mannpower, it’s basically a longer game of Capture the Flag but with grappling hooks and power-ups. Get grapplin’!

While you go mess around with everyone’s favorite hat simulator, don’t forget that the Metrocop Hallowe’en Contest is still ongoing! As we near the end date, we’re starting to see some entries, so stay tuned to the forums!

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